Skip the Team Meeting, Eat Lunch Together at BLU on The Water!

Business lunches provide a perfect venue for team-building efforts. Encourage your team to leave their laptops behind and come together for some good food and good conversation. Eating lunch with co-workers has its benefits: networking, catching up and keeping up with industry news. It hard to find a restaurant that allows you to get out of the office and caters to everyone’s appetite. BLU on the Water has a lot to offer with both an indoor and outdoor deck were you could have the perfect luncheon amongst co-workers!

Here are some tips to help plan your team building lunch:

Increase Engagement

Lunch might seem to be the perfect time to take a break from office life, but taking at least one lunch per week to engage in team-building activities can provide a way to increase cooperation and competition among workers, leading to higher levels of productivity and growth. Time away from work can provide employees with an opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level.


Lunch time is the perfect setting for communicating with your coworkers in a relaxed setting. Team members can become more comfortable with one another, build friendships by breaking down formal barriers all while enjoying a delicious lunch!


Having a specific objective in mind or topic to discuss will help provide a central theme to base the lunch on. Business lunches provide the opportunity to get work done away from the office with little pressure.

Boost Your Creativity

Studies have shown eating outside boosts creativity and performance by 50%. At BLU on The Water, you can sit outside and take in the beautiful scenery and fresh air. Enjoy the relaxed environment while connecting with your coworkers so you can return to your desk with a positive mind and a full stomach!

If you are thinking of giving team lunches a go, check out our summer menu here. Have a big team at work? Call to organize your sponsored team lunch at BLU on the Water today. We have the perfect venue to host your event.